Our readily biodegradable high-performance hydraulic oil based on unsaturated synthetic ester from renewable resources replaces conventional hydraulic oils based petroleum. The use of organic hydraulic oil is required if there is a risk of water contamination, such as in agriculture and forestry, in construction and civil engineering, for works near the coast, river excavations, in winter sports, etc.

Its excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics and good low temperature properties mean that TIGROL Bio Hydraulikoel HEES 46 can be used over a large temperature range. The multi-purpose oil also provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion as well as outstanding protection against wear on sliding components. Its thermal stability and durability ensure a long service life.

TIGROL Bio Hydraulikoel HEES 46 can be mixed with most petroleum and bio-oils. After cleaning the hydraulic system and changing the filter, it can completely replace the petroleum. However, the information from the vehicle or machine manufacturer on the suitability of using readily biodegradable lubricants should be checked first. Seals made from the material NBR are not compatible for use with synthetic esters. To switch from lubricants based on petroleum to organic rapidly biodegradable lubricants, we recommend following the guideline VDMA 24589.

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