Your Car. Your Oil.

Each new day you are on the move. Going to the office, going shopping, taking the kids to school. You drive to college, the pool, the cinema, the disco, a café. Living means travelling. Sometimes alone, sometimes with other people. But always with your car. No matter how big or small it is, no matter how new or old. It’s your car. And it is vital that it runs. Every day. We take our responsibility seriously so that you can rely on your car.

We do our part to make sure you are mobile. We don’t replace good mechanics. But we also don’t sell you any unnecessarily expensive products you don’t even actually need.

From us, you simply get good engine oil. For the best car in the world. Yours!

Product overview

Industry Performance

Industrial lubricants

In addition to responsible staff, intelligent planning and efficient machinery, you above all need a lubricant tailored to your application.

Lubricant affects your process safety and reliability considerably. It is also a key determining factor for the energy costs incurred during your production.

We help you to get your machinery running permanently with the performance you expect from it and at maximum efficiency.

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